Tržič, 23. 6. 2020 - As part of the cooperation between the SIJ Group and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations (NOC SLO) and supported by the local community, we unveiled the first street workout this year, in Tržič. The new asset is eagerly awaiting local sports fans, who will be able to work out from now on near the Bistrica primary school. The steel street workouts are part of the project titled Mind of Steel, which is one of the methods the SIJ Group employs to awaken the minds of steel and the internal drive to work and succeed not only in sports, but in life in general.

The street workout unveiled today is the twelfth of its kind. In partnership with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, we plan to fulfill our common vision, defined in October 2019, when we unveiled the last street workout. Thus, today's ceremony marks the beginning of a new collaboration between the SIJ Group and the leading national sports organisation, and is the continuation of the project set to last until 2022, when we plan to have erected 9 such street workouts, three per year. The street workout, made of 86 metres of steel tubes provided by SIJ Acroni, has not just one, but two Olympic ambassadors – snowboarder and winner of three Olympic medals Žan Košir and downhill skier Andrej Jerman. The first to test the new acquisition were cheerful pupils of the Bistrica primary school, who also provided singing and dancing acts at today's event.

The launch of the steel street workouts project dates back to 2014, when the SIJ Group decided to provide free outdoor recreation to the communities in which our companies operate and our employees live with their families and other local communities throughout Slovenia. "We are pleased that the 'steel' project is continuing, since the site in Tržič is the first in a new series of nine to be set up by 2022 in cooperation with the NOC SLO. We believe that the street workout will provide a challenging test of physical capabilities for many. Achieving one's maximum potential and success in any area, be it sports, education, culture or business, takes a mind of steel. This mind of steel has always been part of the SIJ Group's DNA, and the Group hopes to awaken this mind of steel in local communities across Slovenia by erecting outdoor exercise facilities," Ksenija Štrancar, the deputy head of the Made of Steel project for the SIJ Group stated.

One of the attendees of the unveiling was mag. Janez Sodržnik, the Vice President of NOC SLO, and chairman of the council of sports for all, who's especially pleased with the new 'steel' commitment shown by the sponsor, "We are happy that we were able to renew our agreement with the SIJ Group last year and that we are maintaining good momentum in seeing our cooperation come to fruition, despite the difficult circumstances. Today, the people of Tržič got their new steel street workout. Tržič is an Olympic town, since many Olympic athletes come from the area, but even more important than that is the fact that the people living here every day maintain their physical activity. The steel street workout is an important incentive and motivation for all of us to spend more time outdoors, engaged in sports. The unveiling, however, has an additional meaning today, since we are celebrating Olympic Day, which not only emphasises the birth of the modern Olympic Games, but invites us to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle and nurture it as a value."

The people were also greeted by the mayor of the municipality of Tržič, mag. Borut Sajovic, who commented on the unveiling of the street workout, "There are times and moments when sports, health, as well as cooperation, assistance, and corporate social responsibility are particularly necessary and precious values. The new steel street workout next to the school in our biggest local community is a sterling example of good co-operation between the economy, sports associations, the local community and the school, and which will bring tangible benefits and results to the people of our town. May they remain in great shape. I would like to thank the SIJ Group, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the promoters of sports and all my colleagues for the rapid and effective implementation of the project. I wish you all frequent, regular and safe use of the site.”


 We're glad the steel fairy-tale continue!